Ninety-Three Bridges

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South Africa, Spring time by VittorioRicci on Flickr.

Poster for Fantasia Music Evolved by Jamie McKiernan
"I will no longer be the bridge" 


Happy birthday to my good friend, Rica! Over the time that we’ve know each other, she has written me beautiful fan fiction (x) for the small and under appreciated Waava ship.

Thank you for being such an awesome friend! I hope that this next year of your life is better than the last. <3

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(〓 たんねる 〓 黄金のコラボ! 桜と猫の美しすぎる画像集から)

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"What I wanted… was change."

just a lil tribute to a great character! (*´꒳`*)
as a sidenote, his hair is ridiculously difficult to draw for me

Broken Pony (by Charles Bodi)